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See our daily menu additions on our Mission Farms Facebook page


This season we're working with the following local farmers and producers:

Thane Palmberg, Desoto, Ks

Dan May, The Organic Way, Milo, Mo

Deb and Jim Crum, Crum's Heirlooms, Bonner Springs, Ks

Jim Wood, Woodmood Garden, Higginsville, Mo

Maureen Barnstetter, East Wind Gardens, Independence, Mo

Rick Hanks, Beau Solais Farm, Higginsville, Mo

Dennis Smith, Simply Food, Milo, Mo

Carol and Jay Maddick, Campo Lindo, Lathrop, Mo

Doug & Danielle Schroeder, La Ferme due Bonheur, Higginsville, Mo

Brooke Salvaggio, Bad Seed Farm, Kansas City, Mo

Aaron Riekhof, Curtis & Brenda Longweisch, Fig-N-Farm, Higginsville, Mo